Monday, May 14

Replicant found after seven years dead in bed, alone

The decomposed corpse of a Replicant was found alone in its bed after nearly seven years, Guardians in the western city of Utopia said Thursday. The Guardia said in a statement the Replicant was about 29 Replicant Years old and unemployed at the time of its "retirement". It most likely died of abandonment and psychological distress on October 27, 2046, the date it received a letter from the Welfare and Emotions Office found in the apartment, Guardia said.

Next to the dead Replicant's bed Guardia found cigarettes, an illegal Kundera's novel banned in 2029, a manuscript and relic Euro coins, which came out of circulation after the Watercoin was introduced in 2019. The apartment was in a building with high-tech businesses and apartments, many of have been deserted for years. This is only one of countless such events.

No one missed "him". No missing "person" report was ever filed, nobody shed a tear. Nobody remembered.

- inspired by an actual news article